Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Advance notice of STROUD POTATO DAY 2022!!

As usual Stroud Potato Day is presented by two local community organisations encouraging practical ways of sustainable living and reducing food miles with our unmissable annual sale of Seed Potatoes heralding the start of home food producing in the New Year


Please make note of a good New Year’s Resolution

Grow your Own food in 2022 with the magic of the common potato choosing from 19 varieties on




STROUD FARMERS MARKET from 8.30am to 2pm

Please support Down to Earth and Transition Stroud

Fresh nutritious food, exercise, healthy outdoor activity and doing your bit for the environment, ticking all the best boxes! Can be grown in containers too!

1st Early


Aran Pilot                                                                         


Colleen (organic)                                                              

Red Duke of York                                                             

Orla  (organic)                                                                  



2nd Early



Sarpo Una (red)                                                            






Pink Fir Apple                                                                

Desiree (red)                                                                  

Setanta (red) Organic)                                                 

Ambo (organic)                                                             

Sarpo Mira (red) (organic)                                          

Blue Danube   (purple with white flesh)                    


Total of 16 varieties


We get our supplies from Dundry Nurseries, Bamfurlong Lane, Nr Cheltenham.

They have a very good website where you can find details of the varieties listed here.


Monday, March 1, 2021

Potato Day 2021 success!

Down to Earth write: "A huge thank you to everyone who supported our socially distanced, Covid-safe Potato Day at Stroud Farmers Market on 6 February. All 'spuds' were sold by 1pm  (the equivalent of 8 x 25 Kg sacks  (the large full sacks are 25Kg) with 15 varieties of potatoes. We made a fantasic £330.00, which will be divided between Transition Stroud and Down to Earth". 

Thank you to all our volunteers, Gerb, organiser of Famers Market, for allowing us a stall at no charge, and to Dundry Nursery for kindly giving us the paper bags, labels and trays. Enjoy your spuds!"

Tuesday, January 5, 2021

2021 Potato Day

We are delighted to still be running our Stroud POTATO DAY on Sat Feb 6th at Stroud Farmer’s Market, from 8.30am to 2pm with volunteers on the day, following all safety rules
Here's the latest news:

If the Market is closed due to Covid or bad weather, 

There is the option of Sunday Feb 7th 2021 at The Trinity Rooms from 11am to 2pm. This will be indoors with volunteers and C-19 rules
There will be NO pre-ordered potatoes
International Kidney (from Jersey Royal)
Swift (good in containers)
Charlotte (salad)
Sarpo Una (red) (good in containers)
Kestrel (slug resistant)
Celebration (red & white, salad)
Pink Fir Apple
Sarpo Kifli (good in containers)
Desiree (red)
Setanta (red)

Available varieties, dependent on our supplier, Dundry Nurseries
Price: 20p per tuber (as last year). 
3Kg paper bag for £4.85
Please check online for up to date info if weather turns bad or lockdown forces more closures. THANK YOU for your PATIENCE

Please consider volunteering for this event, we are short of helpers this year.  It will be a short day, but very positive and fun!!!  Please contact Jane Brown on: johnbrown@cooptel.net

Monday, January 6, 2020

Join us 8.30-2.00pm Saturday 1st February

This year at the Farmers Market in Stroud - Hosted by Down to Earth Stroud and Stroud Community Seed Bank

NEW!  Starting this year on Friday 31st Jan at Stroud Congregational Church Hall (next to Stroud Sub rooms)
from 5pm to 8pm
Please support us and buy your seed potatoes from us and take away our locally saved seeds from Stroud Community Seed Bank. We also have fruit trees and bushes for sale and light homemade refreshments and drinks including our now famous Potato Cake! We have 25 varieties of seed potatoes, 1st and 2nd earlies and main crop. Sourced from Dundry Nurseries, Bamfurlong Lane, nr Cheltenham. We expect the Nurseryman, Chris Evans from Dundry to join us on Friday to give expert advice on all growing matters. Our seeds are saved locally following strict guidelines esp for the vegetables.
NEXT DAY: STROUD POTATO and SEED DAY Saturday 1st Feb at Stroud Farmer’s Market, from 8.30am to 2pm
Do come and join us at either of the events, whatever the weather!
may have to be cancelled if really bad weather, so check with our website to be certain
For more information, please contact the website of Down to Earth. Our seed catalogue is due out soon and a list of potatoes will be presented once confirmed.

Friday, January 4, 2019

2nd Feb is the day!

Stroud Potato Day 2019 is on Saturday 2nd February! The 9th annual Potato Day is this year at our new venue at the Farmers' Market - but as always with over 20 varieties.