Thursday, October 21, 2010

sunburn? frost bite? potatoes could be the answer

Whatever the weather does to your skin could the humble potato help you to heal faster? Folklore has it that whether your skin is suffering from too much sun or too much cold applying grated, raw potatoes to sunburn or frost bite can have a soothing and healing effect.
Can anyone verify this? We'd love to hear your potato first aid stories.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

350 day success

10/10/10 saw events in 188 countries joining together to raise awareness about climate change. See more here about In Stroud there was a gathering near Nailsworth at the weekend at the Thistledown centre - in 2009 there were several events.

In relation to this blog in Loja, Ecuador, students from the local school got together to clean up the paths around their school and town, and to harvest the potatoes in their school's organic garden. See here and see photo of the 350 made out of potatoes. Meanwhile here there is a blog on how to do potato cuts to get across the 350 message.