Saturday, December 5, 2015

From Potato to Planet

Today is World Soil Day. The Soil Association write: 'You can help save the soil we all depend on for survival – you have the power to make a difference by choosing soil-friendly, organically farmed products and by making small steps at home'. Aardman Animations (the people behind Wallace & Gromit and Shaun the Sheep) have helped make a film about potatoes....see their film by clicking here.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

4th Potato day was success

Soon time to chit!
Our 4th Potato Day was a great success! We had 18 varieties of potatoes and sold out of Pink Fir Apple, Sarpo Mira, Charlotte and nearly sold out of Desiree, International Kidney and Cara.

Our profit was £336.75 - for Transition Stroud and Down to Earth - with big thanks again to Chris Evans at Dundry Nurseries for his support - infact you haven't got your seed potatoes yet do go and visit Dundry for a huge range of potatoes. See all 4 films of our Potato Days at:

Monday, February 9, 2015

See our Potato Day film

What a fantastic day - huge thanks to volunteers, Dundry Nurseries and more. See 3 min film of our Potato Day in Stroud at:

Some left over potatoes for sale

We have some potatoes for sale left over from Stroud Potato Day.
We had an offer on the day (Sat, 7th Feb) of £2.00 for 11 potatoes,

THE PRICE IS NOW (from 9th Feb onwards!)  £2.00 for 10 potatoes or 20p each.

Varieties available:


ARRAN PILOT: waxy, good resistance to scab but low resistance to eelworm and blight
CASABLANCA: floury taste, very quick, good show potato. Good resist to blight, scab, eelworm
MARIS BARD: waxy,high resist to scab, low to eelworm, moderate to blight, drought tolerant
ORLA: high yield, very tasty, good resist to scab, very high to blight
SWIFT: very swift! good for pots, high resist to scab + eelworm, mod to blight
ROCKET: quick to mature, good in pots, all round cooker low blight resist
and a few INTERNATIONAL KIDNEY: old Jersey Royal


KESTREL: high yield, firm and good allround, good flavour, very high slug resist, good scab, mod blight
MARFONA: large,waxy, nice taste, good all round, stores well, all soils, mod resist Blight and scab
NADINE: high yield, waxy, mild, good all round.  Mod resist to blight, high to scab, eelworm
VIVALDI: high yields, firm and mild, good all round high resist to blight and scab, mod to eelworm


LINDA: high yield, good all round. mod resist to eelworm, scab
KING EDWARDS: most well known!  high slug resist + scab, low blight and eelworm.
some CARA : high yield, waxy, mild, good all round and favourite. high resist to blight, scab and eelworm
very few DESIREE

(SOLD OUT: Pink Fir Apple, Charlotte, Sarpo Mira)

I am willing to sort out orders and have them to pick up at my house (Gannicox Road, GL5 4HA, 01453 764853)  Sat 14th, Sun 15th and Sun 22nd Feb  from 3pm to 6pm   (special evening arrangements possible by negotiation!).  Order on-line and pay on collection, please notify if you are not going to make the collection! Contact by email at johnbrown(at)

We have agreed to offer them for sale for 2 weeks only and first come first served!

The potatoes are supplied at cost price by Dundry Nurseries (near Shurdington),
The proceeds of our sales go to 2 local charities, Transition Stroud and Down to Earth.  All are run by wonderful volunteers!

With Best Wishes, Jane Brown