Saturday, January 14, 2012

Stroud Potato Day is back!

Potato Day last year
Here is the press release we have just sent out:

Down to Earth Cooperative and Transition Stroud members are organising the second-ever Stroud Potato Day on Saturday 4th February 2012 in Merrywalks Shopping Centre. We are also looking for volunteers to help on the day - it is lots of fun - if you can help please email Seb on: seb-buckton(at)

Philip Booth said: "Stroud Potato Day is back! Last year we were amazed to sell half a tonne of seed potatoes from a stall in Merrywalks. Well we are going to do it again. We hope to encourage more people to grow their own and learn about the many different varieties of potatoes. There is also an issue of food security that we will be hearing more about as oil prices climb and harvests suffer from the changing climate. 40% of the food we eat is imported: if more people grow their own then we can be less reliant on food imports from other countries."

Amanda Godber from Down to Earth Cooperative added: "There are over 450 potato varieties grown in this country with supermarkets offering very little choice. This is a chance to grow your own. We will also have on sale 50 remaining copies of the amazing Stroud Potato Day recipe book which sold out last year and had to be reprinted."

Stroud Potato Day has a website with details of the event and more at:

See the film I made of last year's event  at:

Friday, January 13, 2012

Grow pots in containers

Garden Organic have a piece here on growing potatoes in containers.