Saturday, March 31, 2012

Greek 'Potato Revolution' Spreads - economic hardship relocalises food supply

I spotted this Permaculture Magazine article here that highlighted how austerity measures have led to what is being called the Greek 'Potato Revolution'. As the Permaculture article says, "incomes fall and retail prices rise, Greeks are cutting out the middle man, paying up to three times less than they usually would for potatoes and buying them straight from the farmers themselves. Is this a precursor of transition culture and does it point towards people adopting, as we would say in permaculture, more beneficial relationships?" This report from France's Observers network makes for exciting reading.
Read the full article and comments here:

Friday, March 9, 2012

The People's Potato Book

The PeopleIn this new book Alan Wilson explores the beauty and diversity of over 400 potato varieties with the aim to get us all to grow eat and understand this much loved vegetable. Issues of concern to organic gardeners such as the biology of the potato, pest diseases as well as many topical subjects affecting the potato are all covered. The Alan Wilson top 100 potato varieties dominates the book but as Alan clearly says any review of new cultivars is only the start. What is your top 100? From King Edward to Sunrise and back in time to Pink Fir Apple and the coloured flesh varieties they are all here. The People's Potatoes, Alan Wilson Special chapter by Dr Simon Bowen Paintings by Caroline Bletsis

£20 rrp - order from Stroud Bookshop.