The Event 2019

Stroud Potato Day 2019; date to be confirmed!!

Towards the end of January or early February one Saturday we will be in the middle of Merrywalks Shopping Centre from about 10.00am to 3.00pm (times to be confirmed) selling half a tonne of seed potatoes - and over 20 varieties supplied by Dundry Nurseries (see link below in right hand column).

Philip Booth comments: "Stroud Potato Day will be in it's ninth year - it is a wonderful celebration of the potato. We hope folk who have never grown veg at all will give a spud a go and those that have will try some different varieties. We hope to again have half a tonne of seed potatoes that we will be selling from a stall in Merrywalks; come and talk to us."

Stroud Potato Day is a Transition Stroud project with all proceeds going to Transition Stroud and the Down to Earth.