Monday, February 14, 2011

More on our Potato Day

Well our Potato Day film has nearly made 400 views already. Also all the seed potatoes have now gone - infact could have had many more! Stroud Valleys Project have a few for their schools project and the Community Supported Agriculture project have a few for sale....

Photos: Dundry and the SNJ news article

Scroll down for more about the event - the final amount raised is still not confirmed but hopefully with recipe books sold on the day we might be around £500 profit.

We are also looking at what to get for next year - I visited Dundry Nurseries to return stuff we had borrowed and was getting ideas for next year - are we really going to do another??? Anyway Dundry is an inspiration - what a great place with all it's projects with people with learning disabilities and improvements to the area.

Clare kept a record on the morning of our Potato Day to see which potatoes sold out first:
  • 25kg bag of International Kidney by 11.15am
  • 25kg bag ofCharlotte by 11.50am
  • 25kg bags of Arran Pilot and Rocket by 12.10
  • 25kg bags of Pentland Javelin and Sarpo Axona by 1.30
In terms of requests - most popular was for Pink Fir Apple and more Organic varieties. I would also like to see more Heritage varieties. In fact couldn't resist Salad Blue - yes it really does make blue mash! I suspect this will be for Halloween!

Anyway this last pic is of the SNJ who came along to photograph the event.

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