Thursday, July 7, 2011

Videos on how to look after your potatoes

Summer Street Allotments Association in Stroud have a wonderful 'Digging with Dickie' section with great advice - they will be open this weekend as part of the Edible Open Gardens - see previous blog entry. Well there is also a link on the allotment site to the wonderful Claire's Allotment videos....a fantastic series of allotment video guides on specific subjects. The main page of the channel is here but the links re potatoes are below:

Potatoes - Claire's Allotment part 10
Earthing up your potatoes - Claire's Allotment part 26
Dig up your potatoes! Claire's Allotment part 47
Dig up your spuds! Claire's Allotment part 56
Chitty chitty 'tatoes - Claire's Allotment part 60
Sweet potatoes Claire's allotment part 78
Sweet potatoes (part 2) - Claire's Allotment part 80
Dig my sweet potatoes - Claire's allotment part 89
Comparing Sweet Potatoes - Claire's Allotment Part 124

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