Saturday, February 3, 2018

Potato Day success!

After printing costs we raised £608.80 in total; some £325 goes to pay for the potatoes which leaves £283.80 to divide between Transition Stroud and Down to Earth. Congrats to the team. This year there are hardly any tubers left over...

In terms of the Seed Saving, an incredible £183.52  was donated with some 176 packets of veg seeds distributed leaving only 62 left! Plus loads of flower and herb seeds on their way to new homes. That means in two weekends of Seed Saving we have given out over 376 flower and veg seeds grown and saved locally and raised £353.52 in donations. Of course it is not about the money (although it helps) it is about the generosity of those who visited us and the sheer delight in growing our own food and flowers from seed we have saved ourselves.  No wonder we scare the seed companies!
Below is a quick film from the day....

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